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What an awesome mess. Back then I made some very large milestones but also I continued supporting 3dfx communities even after the fall of 3dfx to like , mainly where it came to the Napalm based boards, the Voodoo5 series which used the VSA meaning Voodoo Scalable Architechture, being the first in it’s kind. A2 compatible Tested by Edmundoab in Kuala Lumpur in a computer store. My first up to date computer waaaaaay back was the following specs: I really wish I had saved that computer but at the time I didnt realize how awesome it would be to keep them.

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A board with a single Rampage chip was called Specter It is the only one of its kind ever made that I know of.

So their idea was to make that into an STB Banshee but they failed to realize OEMs aren’t dumb and are just gonna go directly to ATi or Nvidia from that point on, and hell if they’re gonna fight that- that’s perfect for them. I had spoken with my gf’s lil brother when I first thought of the idea and he always is asking if I have done it yet.

I think 3Dfx’s greatest blunder was the acquirement of STB. Anyways you don’t have to give me lessons lad, what you have told me ,really that would be like a joke in the entire 3dfx community, so really, lease don’t ever come with such posts at me nr any other 3dfx Die-Hard, it’s that they like myself would find that unprofessional and very humiliating.

A1 used also a 4 pinned late Voodoo Volts, these gave the cards 80 watts of power. A like Rev.

3DFX Voodoo5 & ASRock 4CoreDual Sata2 New Experiment!

They in general weren’t a great card anyways and would recommend atleast a voodoo 2 sli setup on rampagr cheap with a 2d card. Any game win2j program suitable for testing a Voodoo card?


If I had some more hard drives I’d so totally pick up one of those cards. A1 with PC Bios 1. A0only this last mentioned card has it printed in white, which can be seen here: In this oral history, the four original co-founders discuss the history of 3dfx, lessons learned, and anecdotes from their careers in technology.

Guess which machine received the Voodoo3 upgrade?

Goodbye 3Dfx – February 19, 2002

I got the cards to be able to qin2k Unreal and NFS with proper graphics, but unfortunately never got them to work until recently, when those games just don’t look that stunning any more. This is also my favourite Voodoo5 made, since it was the first that could run stable without crashing, not all of them ran stable but a few did, the PCI-Rework which Hank applied to a few cards in was the fix to all worries, but back in week 26 of this fix did not even exist, they were 3drx struggling to get it stable with all FSAA modes, this was still a main problem to work on, also higher clock speeds like the goal speed of Mhz did not function on all cards, as where Mhz ran fine, they would need a new revision to make higher clock speeds stable, well they thought this anyways, so they rampagf for a new revision.

The PCI traces do not have reliable signal return, it is like transmitting signal on a single wire without a ground reference. No matter how much they could have slashed the prices, they would still have been relatively high since you’d have to buy two cards. Still have it though. And here two nice detailed pics of SK1’s Rev.


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I’m Sure my Future Power w will handle it just fine. And even now coodoo3 don’t know for sure if the GF4 fixes it until somebody tries using the large UT textures. Is there any beeps while it is posting, like 3 beeps? Drivers I use are AmigaMerlin 3. A2 to Rev.

If so, I may have to try and acquire a used voodoo5 AGP card and iwn2k up an older machine some day just to see what the games look like. Hey it was just like the 32X! I took the easy way out and just got a Live Drive!

Even that the 2×2 model would of been possible in theory, it was far too complex for it’s time and the cost would also be far too high as more PCB layers would of been needed and not only that more parts also, they didn’t have any better layout than the 4×1 so they stuck to this design to the very last revision.

A1which explains that he has 3 cards in total ; Here some information about the 3 Voodoo5 variants, which can be read here: Salem13 Superclocked Member Total Posts: 3dfc, I have rmapage more to say to you. It ramapge have a few modifications as it has no more hand done reworks which resulted a much cleaner PCB layout. Last time I had to install the drivers I found them pretty easily.