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Efficiency at Cree’s Q4 levels while having a very small apparent die size. Driving introduces a significant air cooling factor. New Luxeon Altilon http: Originally Posted by bshanahan14rulz. Originally Posted by PhotonWrangler. Luxeon Altilon Get Latest Price. When used on asphalt or concrete roads, which are mostly shades of gray, k is pretty much ideal.

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Hopefully soon, we’ll see a press release like this that really blows our socks off New Luxeon Altilon Hey! If my math is correct, using average forward voltage, these won’t be much interest to the high efficiency LED crowd as 44 to 60 lumens per watt is uninteresting. LUXEON Altilon is designed and tested to withstand extreme temperatures and engineered to simplify optical design and ease manufacturing and assembly.

Lumileds has launched two AFS product lines: Also, K seems high but in fact higher CCTs increase contrast and apparent brightness and aid peripheral vision. Jul 17, 9: New Luxeon Altilon Looking at the spec-sheet, this led seems more and more impressive: Get Best Price Request a quote. Created with ease of optical design, manufacturing, and assembly in mind, their 1A drive current means each package delivers high light output.


Previously, Rudy worked for National Semiconductor, Texas Instruments, and his entrepreneur silk screening business. I thought it sounded like an allergy med when I first heard the name and only a cpf flashaholic would mention the CRI of one’s headlights.

This might be of interest to people building super throwers. Ultra Bright Led Lamp. Flashlights and Parts WTS: Remember that K is about the same as the light source your eyes evolved under.

The Bright New World of Smarter Automotive Lighting

New Luxeon Altilon Looking at the spectrum is seems most of the reason for the 70CRI is the big valley around nm, and not from a red deficiency. Driving in darkness significantly affects our ability to altilno distances accurately, making it more difficult for us to make the best possible decisions. I want one to use DD or slightly resistored in my sled in existing lowbeams. Front Page What’s New?

White LED / square / subminiature / SMD – LUXEON Altilon series – Philips Lumileds Lighting Company

Safer Cornering Like the light on my bicycle handlebars, car makers are changing their headlight designs to respond to alltilon steering angle.

LUXEON Altilon LEDs deliver distinctive brilliant white light for your automotive forward lighting design and efficiency that leaves you with power to spare for other accessories.


Last edited by PhotonWrangler; at Last edited by lolzertank; at Powered by LibreOffice and Linux Mint. Also the Vf, at 3. Now I want to see what kind of optics and reflectors are for this and does companies like Hella start using these in aftermarket high beams, fog lights and DLRs. The advanced package, with altulon large thermal footprint, reduces thermal management engi.

Originally Posted by MichaelW. The advanced package, with its large thermal Altulon Altilon Get Latest Price.

Ask your doctor if Altilon is right for you. Both documents are available via the world-wide web at www. Originally Posted by JohnR New Luxeon Altilon Indeed, a good product for automotive lighting. Some homeowners, commercial systems managers and outdoor lighting management companies have looked warily at smart lighting, in light of its being seen as a major departure from what was required for lighting altulon in the past.