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The power cable is a V as I live in Sweden but it changes depending on the country the phone is bought in. Special inconveniences it does not deliver, but at first it seems not very familiar. Sign In Sign Up. The speaker is located on the front of the tube. Handset on the base is located almost horizontally, which gives the phone an unusual form.

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In the audio mixer to work with the hutler SJ Phone, simply specify the appropriate box. Well our cat was so very nice and chewed the cables to our old VOIP phone and as my wife uses Skype alot to call America with I had to get a new one.

Have to make a call from a voup program and can already speak with the tube. In Germany, we have an independent sales office to cover the mid European market. We will check the sound quality, battery time, quality, etc and bring up a nice conclusion for you. Plastic mat, fingerprints on it invisible. In another version efficiency of the device is not guaranteed. You might still be able to use the phone as a headset, but it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get it to ring, dial out, or have any of the features on the phone work e.

Supports the same hardware features as the calls in the networks of Vojp, for example, Call forwarding to another handset or a telephone conference. Butoer Spain we recently opened a subsidiary to cover the Spanish and Portugese market. Register a new account. So what did we find in volp package besides the phone itself? As it happened I open the new ads and saw this Topcom Butler phone that was advertised. Incoming calls can be routed to an additional tube connected to the base.


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Please click on thumbnails to get bigger vooip I really like the colors silver and white together, and both the receiver and the phone itself come in these colors. The phone supports a pulse and a more modern tone dialing.

No additional icons on the screen there. Recently Topcom introduced an interesting product line in Lifecare products since we believe people are more and more concerned about their health.

Topcom Butler 4012 Manuals

According to the list of contacts in the phone book works a simplified search. The advantage of this model is the possibility to choose between tone and pulse dialing, which makes it suitable for analog switches.

And they are available in various form factors. Phone book The phone memory can store butleg contacts, each of which can enter literal name of up to 10 characters and phone number up to 25 characters.

Hardware VoIP-phones have become quite familiar attributes and office, and the individual user. The main criticism that owners of gaming laptops come under is those who say the laptop is less […]. There are many keyboards out there that offer lots of customizable keys but unless your gaming involves a level of professionalism, keyboards such as these are just as good as any level-entry equipment. Return to top bitler page. On the back of the base are connectors for power supply, telephone line and USB-cable.


The box is very nice though and it has their logo and a big picture of the phone itself with some features on the top. General findings and conclusion As an ordinary DECT-phone to the device is difficult to produce specific claim.

Service number identification Vpip is 40112 in the exchange and must be maintained by the operator.

Topcom Butler User Manual | 28 pages

Selecting the mode dial. The front panel is shiny silver inset, bordering two color screen. Between them is a button for phone call and cancel. The top row is a button paging lists up and down which is also used to turn on the speakerphone on the handset. It is the manufacturer’s logo.