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New to Gun Tests? I think most of the web sites are charging competitive prices, though “cash sales” would probably be a bit cheaper. So then after making such stupid idiot mistakes trys to put it all on the driver and then makes threats to the drivers life and showing absoluty no respect for the driver from the start. Bartlett, 52, of Brewster. Yes, Colonel, you are correct. Not only is the old mule smarter than the hore but also smarter than most of the riders, because most hores would also stop at the edge, even though the rider couldn’t see the drop off like the mules rider, but the horse riders wouldn,t listen to what the hores was telling them and push them streight on and off the cliff. The video, which is about 18 minutes long, shows patrolman Daniel Harless, 45, berating William E.

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Predictably, some of our troops were a little antsy about going back into their old hood and possibly having to line up their sights on an old friend or cousin participating in the melee. Myself, I will do as I have always done. Harless is now appealing his dismissal.

Lee W July 29, 1: It still doesn’t alleviate my displeasure with having the flag patch under another patch. Wow Colonel, you just continue to impress me. Our life experiences, our station in life, our policce processes all come into play, and the end result is that we may find ourselves at opposite ends of the spectrum as concerns some things that on their face would seem to be pretty simple.


Three Canton police officers suspended following investigation of former officer |

Jump to comments Doing PT with that 10 pound M-1 at high port thdeatens just such a blast! My reasons for teaching were to intercede in as many young lives as I could in order to point them on the right path toward responsible, productive American citizenship.

By the way sir, what did you teach after you retired? The identity and history of the officer involved has been revealed.

Ohio Cop Suspended After Cursing Out A Card-Carrying Gun Holder (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

The SAS is made up of some pretty badass guys who were brought to light in a s era movie ghreatens “The Final Option”. At this point, William was handcuffed and put into the police cruiser.

Since I have finally found a chat room with some people that have a whole lot of smarts, I am curious about your take on this horseshit going on in England, namely the riots. Personally, though, I’m glad I danton long retired when they went into that velcro thing. He will not kill someone just because he has a gun and a badge.

I do know that threats aren’t illegal. Cecil – of course, I will agree, the Marines have the best uniforms!!! As far as I can see it will be over here before long if we don’t get this bunch of threahens spenders out of office real soon, and it will be worse because there ain’t going to be food in the stores and the city slickers are going to head out looking for it and try to take it from those that are ready for hard times, and they are going to try to take by force.


The video produced by Ohioans For Concealed Carry is a derivative work and contains our copy written logo, artwork, and narrative text. You want me to pull [my gun] and stick it to your head?

Ohio Cop Suspended After Cursing Out A Card-Carrying Gun Holder (GRAPHIC VIDEO) | HuffPost

Our basic weapon back then was the M-1 Garand rifle, and if it got wet or muddy you’d damned well better get it clean and dry before an inspector got to it. If your dog eats grass, do this everyday. The one bad encounter went like this: If he was coming to a call where I needed help against a crook, I would sure like to see him roll up.

I am a real idiot. Cecil B August 2, oiho Short range, there’s a reason they’re illegal under the Geneva Accords. So Bear, were you USN? My disclaimer is that I don’t think that applies to Capitol Hill So guys, keep it up. And I liked the “Piss Cutter”.

Separate documents that were presented to the officers following an internal investigation show them internally charged with ‘Unsatisfactory performance’ and ‘Deportment,’ referring to their behavior as officers.

Now, the law says that you are supposed to stay in your car and immediately inform the officer that you have a weapon and a permit.