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If cdrecord is able to retrieve the lead-in start time for the first session, it will try to decode and print the manufacturer info from the media. Epson epson-deactivatedaccount wrote on The megabytes mentioned in the verbose mode output however are counting the output sector size which is e. K3B has the following debug info: Here’s another call for Ubuntu ditching wodim.

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Regarding comment 77 – whether or not the kernel was involved in this I think it is clear for many people on this bug, including me, that getting rid of wodim and restoring cdrecord solved their problem.

Download full text 4.

Noticed that the K3b version and wodim features are unchanged. You should note that cdrecord uses a hack, that tries to emulate the func- tionality of the scg driver. Be careful when using this option.

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Find More Posts cdreord karhu. Cdrecord now checks this and aborts before starting to write. Some drives create error messages if you try to get the multi session info for a disk that is not suitable for this operation. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.


– Cannot open SCSI driver

It is most unlikely that cdrecord is unable to find the right driver automatically. This bug just appeared for me today! I opem yet again by burning another CD, without rerunning the k3bsetup program, and the burn was still successful.

It checks media and then branches to the driver that matches the current medium.

I can burn DVD without problem. Sergey Zolotarev szx wrote on The sixth line is the error text for the sense code and the sense qual- ifier if available.

Join the JustLinux irc chat irc. The time now is In this case the correct syntax for the device is: This looks like a problem with wodim, excerpt: ATIP info from disk: None of the cd burning applications manage to burn successfully.

Copying my post from bugwhich is probably a duplicate: If the error sjccess.cannot is not directly related to the cur- rent command, the text deferred error is appended.

I dont burn cd’s often. Cdrecord supports all write modes for this drive type. Cdrecord runs at priority 59 on Solaris, you should run mkisofs at no more than priority Hello, I have cdrecrd same problem on Ubuntu If it doesn’t work for everyone here, shame, perhaps a number of issues are leading people to this bug.


If you like to set driver options without running a typical cdrecord task, you need to use the -setdropts option in addition, other- wise the command line parser in cdrecodd will complain. Brasero and nautilus failed on fresh install.

wodim: Cannot open SCSI driver!

Same K3b problem on all 4 computers in the house Also, the maintainer said he is willing to help people with any problems. If the track data is an ufs filesystem image, fragment successs.cannot should be set to 2 KB or more to allow CD-drives with 2 KB sector size to be used for reading. I tried a opne of things that are within my scope of competency which is not very large, mind you.