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Originally Posted by Matthew Fink the quick release in place – it worked well! This mode saves you from having to convert your video in the editing stage. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I contacted the owner again and again was issued an RMA – sent it away and earlier this week got drive number 3. In DV mode there’s no problem. With the second citidisk I got I started right away recording the internal battery switch did not break this time!

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September 11th, Canon expected to release at least one more generation of DSLRs. Talk about a time saving.

Shining Technologies CitiDISK HDV 120GB Direct-to-Edit Device Review

To switch to Quicktime mode, select the green light. Adorama New York, NY.

If I get an FS-4 I would like to figure out hcv similar but that give me easy access to the display panel – wether it be relocating the display or just being able to slide the drive out easily. However, the only true “tapeless” option comes with some caveats: Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Packed inside this 10 ounce device is a GB shock-mounted laptop hard drive, a FireWire bus, and a rechargeable battery. So it does or doesn’t work with hdv?


This mode saves you from having to convert your video in the editing stage. In post, if I import the m2t file to Premiere Pro 1. FireWire Sustained Data Rate: Or maybe I’m missing something. The FS-4 is otherwise fine, but it’s bit large, and also, the external power has to be at least 12 V.

Citidisk HDV Final Review at

That was the last straw ditidisk I gave it a fair shot and now I have had it with the device and requested a full refund, which they better honor since buying the device I have never had a fully functional one. The portable hard drive design is also rugged and proven to take the bumps and bruises of the demanding videographer. I am glad they did or i would have been out of pocket for a unit that was close to useless for myself.

I actually upgraded them from the orginial 30gb drives to 80gb drives. It was the latest. I hope that it isn’t too many questions at once.

February 16th, I haven’t had any problems with the drives. Although the internal battery should last an hour and a half on full charge, we used the CitiDISK on battery power to shoot and edit for much longer.

So here is my full fledged review of the Citidisk HDV; I recieved the gb model a little before christmas and I also ordered their extended battery which was OOS and didnt come in until early january.


First thing I noticed is when I hit record on the Cittidisk the citidisk started working as its supposed to. Log into your account. Again, the customer support was terrific but that will get you no where with a terrible product. Is an added attachment needed to do this, or is the mount on the citidisk somewhat universal for these type of batteries? I then tried this with the tape in the unit. Something was wrong with the file format – since the device is fat32 it break large files into “seamless” 2gb file, approx 9 minutes each.

Shining Technology CitiDISK HDV External Hard Disk FWH

August 31st, The dropped files were short and not playable at all. It worked fine sometimes and at other time just dropped out whilst shooting in non tape mode. I originally was going to use this to save the heads of the camera and to be able to quick edit things.

The back of the box was drammeled open so I could reach the connectors and buttons and there was a velcro strap on the top to keep the battery in place.