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I ran the patch on the new vista drive, took the new improved clfs. When there are too many of them in your hard disk the file system cannot isolate them without affecting the disk performance and its operation in general. If there was no password, the hotfix should install without any prompts. If I re-connect this even tho not booting from it the boot crashes! Not sure how robust controllers on motherboards are and if problems can appear after years of use I’ve not upgraded mobo bios, etc. I’ll bet their response is going to be wipe and re-install since this is not a trivial error.

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Six Reasons Why Your External Drive May Get Slow

The files in which I could detect the corruption were all compressed files, compressed using Windows 10’s default compression. When there are too many of them in your hard disk the file system cannot isolate them without affecting the disk performance and its operation in general. Time will tell if the problem is actually solved, but hopefully the root cause was in fact the Marvell controller.

There is a link in the article that you can use to obtain the hotfix. I’ve switched my corrupton to other ports. If it does not I guess I will be re-installing from scratch and reloading all my work software hours!!! Copy the patched CLFS. Do you know which Marvell chip is it exactly? What you say about your controller is interesting. Write Are you sure?


At one time the Gb disk was my only one and still has vista on it. I’ve since replaced it and the DMDE is pretty much identical to the above: The problem was solved.

SATA HDD failure after Defrag | Wilders Security Forums

I did let chkdsk run all the way and it generated tons of recovered files, but there is still about 60 gigs that arent accounted for. Microsoft has released a hotfix for this error. I believe he’s referring to the fact that since it’s RAID 5 the data is striped across X number of corruprion, running a defrag on that makes the data logically contiguous but physically it’s still striped across those drives so basically you’re just shuffling data around between drives.

Good luck with it – keep us posted of any developments – it will be interesting to find out what happened. With the password, I did wity a file that XP doesn,t recognize, the file is called: I’m not getting past the splash screen on PW.

When I powered it back on I went into the contorllers bios a LSI megaraid i4 and brought the failed disk back online then rebooted and started to load windows.


I want to do stuff, I thought you were defragmenting all night. What options do I have? Another point of interest.

We recommend closing all running programs and watch the disk behavior: Also, the reason why I don’t suspect it’s a software issue in Windows or in NTFSis because it’s so darn raresurely other people would’ve encountered this problem en masse if this were a software bug.

Type 1, then press enter. Or a virus bug. Before launching it, clean the hard disk of junk unnecessary and temporary filesclose all derragmenting applications games, torrent clients, films etc. This crashed it but at least a dump file was created. Jan 21, Posts: Test Disk Partition Table Doctor. The “Microsoft reserved partition” bit should come right before what you pasted.

Normal Recovery, Recover Boot, etc Again, that’s just my speculation. Torrents are all the rage now and many people buy an external disk to download information right there.