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It’s not an easy job of just pulling one shaft and gluing in another. I ended up selling my heads and buying a new set with a better fitting shaft. A handheld drill, a vice, and an 8. EquipBoard check out what’s in the pro’s bags. Advertise with us Privacy Terms. The costs involved might included the following:

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Need advice on club purchases?

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Ask New Question Sign In. Wrap some around a dowel rod slightly smaller than the inside diameter of the hosel and spin it around.

It’s not an easy job of just pulling one shaft and gluing in another. Shines the ferrule up nicely!

Cost of reshafting AP2’s

Most drivers today are. So how much am I looking to spend too get some run of the mill stiff steel shafts installed?

If rsehaft paying someone for a stock steel shaft, figure 25—30 a club, and that’s if they try to save the grip. From there, you need to know how far in the shaft’s tip goes. Pull the shaft out and make a check; if you have an even amount of epoxy all around the tip, that’ll be enough.


Again, the Legal Dept. How much does an average golf bag with clubs weigh? Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

I already had a torch and my irons dont have ferrules. Search Advanced Search section: After the epoxy dries, use the proper 2 sided tape and solvent to mount the new grip — a special tool can make this job easier.

A Reddit Guide For Beginners. Now’s the time to align the shaft’s graphics how you want.

How much does reshafting golf clubs cost? Is it something you can do yourself? – Quora

It varies, depending on who you go to. Log in or sign up in seconds. I need to qualify that: That being said you could probably sell your set and buy another glof with s and not lose that much money. Like westquire91 said just reshaft them yourself. Just kidding — reshafting clubs is a great way to upgrade or modify a set, and you can indeed do it yourself. It’s due to rolling shutter effect and there’s no need to share it with us.


Repeat as often as needed. Clean the tip and mix up the epoxy. You currently have javascript disabled. If the shafts you buy are not already cut to the right length, or if you want to customize the length to adjust reshafh stiffnessyou will need to cut them. An electric gun will probably be best; it’s slower, but you won’t risk doing damage to the crown or any other non-metal parts.

Cost of reshafting AP2’s – Club Fitting – Team Titleist

They didn’t happen to bend a little did they? What does MOI have to do with a golf club? If it’s longer, say, 1. Soap and water will get it off. You rshaft do it yourself, but you need to know how it is done.

Or, you can pay someoneelse to do it — price dependent on materials and labor.