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An affordable modular Bluetooth speaker to which you can link up to two additional D3x units and a wireless DSx subwoofer. Up to three ZiiSound D3x speakers can blast the same song in unison, in different rooms 2! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Those who already have a two piece system setup will need to reset the entire system in order to add a third speaker or subwoofer into the mix. After being not-so-impressed with the D3x as a standalone unit, I then connected the ZiiSound DSx to the single ZiiSound D3x speaker setup to hopefully give the entire system the desperately needed bass response it needed. Add a ZiiSound DSx wireless subwoofer for enhanced bass and your party is underway. With no wires between you and the speaker s , you can freely arrange them any way and anywhere you like 2.

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This allows buyers to amp up the audio quality of the entire system at their own pace, whether it be purchasing everything in one shot or gradually completing the set. Start small, expand later A single ZiiSound D3x speaker is an excellent-sounding speaker in its own right, so it’s possible to start small – especially if you’re on a budget. Against Expensive Works better as part of a set.

No need to deal with any sort of wiring and all that hassle. Our first test with the ZiiSound system is to dreative the single D3x speaker by itself since the entire system is modular. Add another ZiiSound D5X for multi-channel sound.

Creative ZiiSound D3x Speaker, DSx Subwoofer Review | Custom PC Review

The black color scheme of the units really help these speakers fit in any environment, be it at home or your place of work and the tasteful white LEDs give this set a very classy look as well. The front of the unit features a large cover with a driver behind it.


Party mode allows you to play the same music in perfect sync with up to 3 D3xs in 3 different rooms! Play music or audio from any compatible Bluetooth device. It churns out heart-thumping bass for your guests to dance to the rhythm.

Power a house party with a maxed-out 3. Also included in the box, you also get the speaker itself.

Add another ZiiSound D5X when more guests arrive. Here is the bottom of the subwoofer. Pressing and holding the ‘Connect’ button made the Creative Ziisound D3x discoverable, then pairing it with an iPhone was a simple method of turning on Bluetooth and clicking on the Creative Ziisound D3x’s name. Get the party started!

Creative Wireless Entertainment – Latest Bluetooth products

Signify that your party has officially started by adding a ZiiSound DSx subwoofer to the mix. You can hardwire it via the D3x’s AUX port. Listen to music in comfort, without the tangle of wires. This site uses Akismet to reduce dc3. Elsewhere, the music was slightly flat, and as you’d expect from a single speaker bar, the lack of stereo made for a slightly claustrophobic feel.

Creative ZiiSound D3x Wireless Bluetooth Speakers, DSx Wireless Subwoofer Review

Included in the box, Creative included a ton of documentation along with a couple pieces of advertising. Once setup, the speaker itself will either light up L, C, or R indicating whether the speaker is the left, center, or right. It creayive heart-thumping bass and is specifically designed to work wirelessly with the ZiiSound D5x or D3x speaker system. The speakers and subwoofer delivered a very wonderful musical experience that was extremely fun to listen to.


However, this is crwative the Creative Ziisound D3x’s deceptively simple design comes into play.

The front of the unit features only a couple buttons — link, connect, and volume up and down. Up to 33′ 10 m line of sight less with obstructions Optional wireless speaker link: Learn how your comment data is processed. Start Small, Expand Later A single ZiiSound D3x speaker is an excellent-sounding speaker in its own right, so it’s possible to start small – especially if you’re on a budget It All Adds Up When your audio needs increase, simply add additional ZiiSound D3x units, a ZiiSound DSx subwoofer for added bass, or everything in one fell swoop – all at your own pace Ultimate Flexibility Your speaker configuration doesn’t need to remain fixed forever.

You get top-notch audio when paired via Bluetooth with compatible stereo Bluetooth -enabled MP3 players, laptops, tablets and other entertainment devices.

Creative also included a couple of power cords with the DSx to make the DSx compatible internationally. Otherwise, the entire unit is quite solid in construction. Ultimate flexibility Enjoy the flexibility of configuring your speaker system. Creative Labs D3x overview.