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Specify the print settings that you want, and then click OK. Page 75 printer in the CD drive. This product cannot be identified by Serial Number alone. Forbetter results, install a black print cartridge in addition to the tri-color printcartridge. Connect to the printerLearn how to connect your computer to the printer.

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When plastic tape covers the print cartridge contacts, the printercannot detect that the print cartridge is installed. Set the order that the pages print. Warranty removed from product: Color fabricWash the fabric in cold water and use sudsy ammonia.

Note Depending on the paper size, the paper might extend over the edgeof the tray. If the problem is not caused by the source image, follow these steps: If the Power light is still flashing, the print cartridge is faulty and must be replaced.

HP Deskjet D Printer : User Guide – Microsoft Windows 9x

If you receive aprint cartridge error message, one or both of the print cartridges cannot be used in theprinter. Page 59 Print cartridge protectorIf you have purchased an HP photo print cartridge, you can store it in the protector thatcomes with the print cartridge.


The printer also might print on multiple sheets if different paper types are loaded in theprinter. To select a print quality and speed1. If you are printing in the Fast Draft mode, fold out the tray extension stop. Printer Is Stalled Page 68 Chapter 11Incorrect print cartridgeThe printer can only print when the correct print cartridges are installed.

HP encountered an error while trying to scan your product.

Document Outline

Open the Printer Properties dialog box. The Toolbox is displayed.

Check the USB cable. Before the document prints, a preview is displayed. For more information, see Installation instructions.

HP Deskjet D series.

Please wait while we process your request. To rpinter a test page1. Page 67 Paper might be loaded improperlyThe printer might print on multiple sheets of paper at once if the paper is loaded too fartoward the back of the printer or if the paper guide is not positioned firmly against thepaper.

Set the default print settings for all documents. Move the cursor over the feature that you want to learn more about. In the Pinter per sheet drop-down list, select the number of pages that you want toappear on each sheet of paper.


Javascript is disabled in this browser. When you have finished printing, return any unused photopaper to the plastic bag.

HP Deskjet D Printer User Manual | Page 86 / 88

The side to be printedon should face down. Turn on the printer. Move the cursor over the What’s This? Push printdr paper into the printer until it stops.

Use the information in the following tableto find out how to do something. Use the What’s This? In the Print quality primter list, click Normal or Best. Remove the replacement print cartridge from its packaging and carefully remove theplastic tape.