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Remove the single slide holder, and then either: If possible, connect the scanner to another computer and see if the same problem occurs. Lastly, the magazine direction controls on the front of the scanner don’t work correctly, with both causing the magazine to move forward one slide. A majority of these features is patented and protected by trademark law. Nikon D Review 3 Nov

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To determine whether these programs are the source of the error, try the following: What do reflecta users say about SilverFast?

There is a suspicion that auto-focus does not always work correctly. CyberView Every scanner manufacturer provides an own scanner software for its devices.

Select each entry in turn, right click and select Uninstall. This ensures that no shadow details become lost in Kodachromes.

I found them very helpful with responses to questions. Quality Default Digitda Resolution: With both of these images resized to pixels high, the differences between the two scanners are not so noticeable.

Optimum scan results for brilliant images

The scanner itself is often not to blame — even striped or distorted scans are rarely caused by a hardware error. Turn the scanner off Reboot the PC. The DigitDia takes about 3 minutes to warm up. Nikon D Review 3 Nov Forums, general FAQs, actual system requirements and contact to our support team. Plustek Opticfilm 35mm Scanner review 9 Dec Using SilverFast’s image automatics and Multi-Exposure, the DigitDia is an optimum solution for automatically archiving large collections of slides.


Reflecta DigitDia 3600 Film Scanner Review

That is a remarkable difference! I always let Windows boot up and then turn the scanner on.

However, SilverFast Ai Studio does not just feature numerous sliders and buttons for image optimization, but it also has better and more sophisticated image processing algorithms. If the colours in the cybrview differ significantly from the original slide, it is worth experimenting with ROC. Some of the articls are reflecta specific reviews. The cbyerview optimization can take place also in batch mode at any time later, automatically freed of dust and scratches using iSRD.

Reflecta DigitDia – for better Scans, buy SilverFast Scanner Software

Most of the tips also apply to the DigitDiathe ProScan and the corresponding Braun scanners. Tools like Multi Exposure, iSRD or IT8 calibration are indispensable for achieving quality results, like many photographer’s reviews state; and I agree. The Archive Suite combines scanner and digital imaging software in a cost-effective package.

One comment is that JPG is better if you do not need to process the scanned results, TIFF is better if you are going to do extensive postprocessing. SilverFast 8 supports Photoshop Elements 8 to Below you can directly select some movies showing the most important SilverFast features. Read here what editors and customers think about SilverFast. Design and Operation Anyone who’s used a slide projector will feel at home with the slide holding system used on the DigitDia.


The blue cast is removed from the image!

Buy Scanner Software for reflecta – better Scan Results with SilverFast

This increase shows that the scanner can see more levels of gray, an increase from levels to 5. Kodachromes can have a density of 3. This can be got around by simply leaving the first magazine slot empty. The problems usually manifest themselves as distorted scans. For example, if you’re scanning a lot of slides for cygerview web, then the quality issues may not be so important.

Parameters have been corrupted or show strange symbols — perform a general reset.