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Make sure the cable is unplugged! Studying a picture on your computer beats the hell out of using the magnifer on a Helping Hands. I think the manufactures buy these cable based on how cheap they are with little concern for how many wires they have. Most of the cable should remain attached to the USB connector, but you need to leave enough cable attached to the phone connector to be able to strip the wires and attach an alligator clip or a terminal block if you like. Et voila, it works! The PC Suite window will also reflect that your phone is connected.

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Probing There are most likely several different manufacturers of these cables because the same model will have a different number and color of wires depending on who you buy it from. Electronics — jethomson 5: Several places sell chips with a bootloader; Modern Device seems to give you the best deal. Twist the RxD and TxD lines together. I picked up a RS IR receiver many years ago and used it to control my computer via virtually any remote.

I have attcah the resistors 1K, 10K and 15K as per your scheme. To do this cut the cable a couple of inches 5 cm from the phone connector.

In your system tray you ;rolific see the icons for PC Suite the phone icon and for the Synchronize utility the circle. Apply power to the breadboard. This means the chip runs the previously uploaded program faster but it also results in a bit of a headache for those that are doing a manual reset upload. March 13,6: If not, you’ll need to configure proliific with IR, Bluetooth or whatever else it is that you’re using.


After you connect the cable to the Arduino you no longer need to use Hyperterminal.

You won’t get any options for this installer. I do not know how this garbage values comes. I will request you to please fast scan the following thread and help us the David forum community.

The most popular seems to be Prolific’s and that’s the one I use and the one that the tutorial is based on. In case, your phone is not getting detected, read on. Make sure none of the other wires are touching one another! I blogged and gave you credit here: Click ‘Next’ on the ‘Welcome’ screen.

It worked, but without auto-reset it is a little hard to press reset perfectly. Try it on another computer and with another phone to make sure there pprolific a problem with prolifiv your phone or your cable. I used screen as my serial communications program. Stay in touch with the conversation, subscribe to the RSS feed for comments on this post. Please read the entire article before you begin to modify the cable. 55

You could try it and see, but you might smoke it. I regularly use Nokia PC Suite to save my SMS’ and to backup other data off my dky using a DKU-5 cable but the first time I had to set it up, I spend quite a frustrated hour trying to figure out how to get it to work. Proliffic is replacing the DKU-5 for most newer compatible handsets.


Prolific USB Data Cable Free Driver Download

The casing around the Proliffic connector is not a solid piece but a two part shell. Now, considering you did not have a pinout of the cable, you can identify which color cable is what, write those down somewhere and get a 4 pin header for soldering the wires on.

I’m pretty certain this will work for others also but I haven’t actually tried any other cable so can’t say for sure.

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Make your Arduino USB for only 1 dollar!

This site uses cookies. It’ll finish installing and you’ll get the success screen. To prolifuc this press down and hold the reset button, click Upload, count off X seconds then release the reset button.