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What types of graphics can I engrave and cut? Epilog Helix 24 Laser: Adding a laser engraving service to your current operation is an excellent way to reach possible new customers as well as offer a valued service to your current client base. Epilog Mini 18 Laser: CO 2 Laser air-cooled, all-metal Waveguide tube,

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Do you have any comments or questions? Selling because it is no longer compatible with our new computer operating system.

Epilog Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine Systems – Etching, Cutting and Marking Systems

Didn’t find the answer to your question? Additionally, eoilog proprietary design provides accurate image scaling without the need to input diameter or circumference calculations.

Full spectrum of light from abo The cost of our various laser systems is determined by speed stepper vs. Front-access door features strong, hydraulic struts for easy access and stability.

Allows you to work from any point on the engraving table, not just the upper left corner. The software is only for windows seven. Where did you learn about Epilog Laser?

About Epilog Laser Right now, it is just a plain piece of bare metal but, in your hands, it could become a work of art. CO2 Lasers Learn More. How about a system that engraves photos in a consistent, predictable way for your customers? Synchronizes the firing of the laser at incredibly small increments of. Start Your Own Business Guide. Epilog Legend Series Technical Specifications.


The clock is called “The Genesis” and it was created by Clayton Boyer http: We’ve put together a page guide that discusses the basics of starting your own engraving and cutting business. Is the laser safe to operate? The Fusion M2 series features a 32″ x 20″ x mm or 40″ x 28″ engravet mm work area. There you will find purchase prices for raw laserable materials and suggested retail prices for those lasdr products once they have been laser engraved.

Or, about 12 cents per hour, or 96 cents per eight hour day. Laser Engraving and Cutting Business Guidebook. Full Spectrum Laser Retail Company. Attach to a compressor to direct a constant stream of air across the cutting surface.

Epilog Legend Series: Epilog Mini 18, 24 and Helix

Laser Clinics We host laser clinics across the United States designed both for current laser owners as well as those interested in lasers. Fusion M2 – CO2 and Fiber in one laser machine. The Legend Series features our top-of-the-line CO2 laser systems and is utilized by customers for the highest-quality engraving and cutting of wood, acrylics, plastics, stone, and much more.


The laser can be set lasdr engrave only Raster Modecut only Vector Modeor can complete both operations in Combined Rpilog. The fiber laser line was designed with a combination of affordability and high quality results in mind.

Epilog Legend Laser Series

Epilog will be closed today. Zip or Postal Code.

Watch videos about the creative laser applications available to owners of an Lase Legend laser system, and the wide range of materials the Epilog Legend laser can engrave and mark. Most machines come with a inch-byinch work area with lasers that feature different power levels from 40 to 60 watts. What is the wavelength of the Legend Series?

This unit has an exhaust that you need to ho