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I wanted a small “always on top” window in the corner so I could watch TV while I was working. It worked great with a crap aerial but failed on the house loft aerial. Negatives The bundled software isn’t very flexible. I’ve encountered this problem with an MSI dvb-t stick. Used to work fine but moved to another flat with much better signal and is dodgy. However I have problems with the sound channel being out of sync, which I am trying to fix – see www. Where is the XP like update?

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I would recommend buying another brand, as support requests that aren’t ignored by Freecom are unlikely to be answered in a satisfactory manner. Awesome hardware runs a bit hot but cr p software interface. The rest never worked.

Arctic BioniX F and F fans. RF attentuators are available at maplins and cost a few pounds. The solution is to get an attenuator or two to sit between the stick and the aerial line. I’ve encountered this problem with an MSI dvb-t stick. Digitisation of the UK television infrastructure will fgeeview the end of the analogue service by Puts the windows software to shame. Give it a go. Free software such as VirtualDubMod can with the appropriate codecs open and edit the files.


Lamptron FC SE fan controller. Here’s a look at the features and specifications of the Freecom Digital T Freeview ffreecom Had 2 swaps and still the same. What a load of rubbish!!!! There are currently 82 people online.

Freecom DVB-T USB2 Stick (Freeview) installation error!

Ozone Rage ST headset. Negatives The bundled software isn’t very flexible. I had similar problems with using the Windows Media Centre in Vista – found all the channels but only 4 would work. It needs an adaptor to plug in the aerial which is bizare.

It sounds like your signal is too strong and is overloading the dvb-T sticks very basic amplifier ie frecom can’t reduce the signal enough so its clipping. Sweet as a nut on the old 40″ LCD, setting screen res to x does allow full or half screen mode for when I want to watch “in the corner” For the money I paid 40 poounds I could not have asked for a more superior piece of kit for my PVR needs.

File sizes are perfectly manageable around 2Gb for an hourand there’s no tweaking needed unlike my last attempt using Hauppague which devoured HD space at a staggering 1Gb a minute!!

Where is the XP like update? The software supplied is weak and the aerial is more or less useless. People grumble about the aerial and receiver not being able to receive very well. I wish I’d never got involved. It worked great with a crap aerial but failed on the house loft aerial. The alternative, I’d suggest, would be to pay for better PVR software. I have purchased a much bigger and amplified aerial which does the job where the signal is reasonable.


Freecom Digital TV Dvb-t USB Stick Freeview Receiver

We live about a mile from the two regional transmitters so signal is exceptionally strong. Will locate all channels and if I scroll through the channels it’ll display full signal strength and quality but not display any video.

Plugging into freeviww roof antenna making a mockery of portability distinctly improves reception in XP – no such luck with Vista.

This is a complete waste of money and time. I can’t comment as I haven’t tried this, I have mine connected to a loft aerial. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4. The software that comes with it does not working with Vista.