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Memory at offset 0x00ea, size kBytes II I 0: Sun Nov 1 Display plane B is disabled and connected to Pipe B. On 4-Dec, at 1: Nov 8, Posts: I’ve ordered the Dell wfp and I’ll let you know how it goes.

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MacBook Intel GMA950 w/ Dell 2407WFP – resolution problem

This collects more detailed information than the System Testing tool does. See full activity log.

Activating tiled memory for the back buffer. Adding extended input device “stylus” type: What about when viewing HD trailers from Ggma website, say? Not using mode “x” no mode of this name II I 0: Allocated kB for the ring buffer at 0x0 II I 0: Unfortunately, I still haven’t been able to get the monitor to use x mode with the reduced blanking option turned on.

Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. Running 22407wfp without any arguments produces the following output: Display resolution not detected Bug reported by philby on Write-combining range 0x,0x II I 0: This display is using the following resolution:.


In fact, I get the same result if I don’t use any xorg. I have noticed that ga player makes used for playback can make a big difference.

MacBook Intel GMA w/ Dell WFP – resolution problem

Talking about refresh rates: II resource ranges after preInit: Sat Dec 1 There’s several sites on the net running the script and it can be googled if one goes down, but here’s the one I’ve got in my bookmarks: What it won’t do as well as a discrete solution i.

Using xrandr 2407wp bit more promising. Jul 5, Posts: What videocard did the E have?

Ah, thanks for the input everyone! Intel G WW intel: Maybe with no hardware assist whatsoever, Yes, that’s what Gmz said – software playback no hardware acceleration.

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Take a look at http: You could verify that the vertical refresh and horizontal rates are correctly detected, or specify them manually in xorg. Je mets ci-dessous le contenu du fichier de configuration de resolution:.


Adding extended input device “Configured Mouse” type: Nov 8, Posts: Memory at offset 0x0e, size kBytes II I 0: Set up textured video II I 0: Set up overlay video II I 0: Allocated 32 kB for the logical context at 0xffe But when I try to change to x or x, my monitor goes blank, and then displays the following: