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Driver dowloaded and works! Guardant Stealth II is a mainstream dongle with basic functionality. Listening on all network interfaces at port IPv6 dual-stack Thus, the copying of protected software is meaningless because without a dongle it becomes unusable. It enables you to distribute more than one license a dongle and further licensing within a local network for your clients. Using a special adapter for the motherboard, you can install Guardant Sign inside the CPU, making protection as transparent as possible for the supply of ready software and hardware solutions.

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Found Full speed device [b: Could not install driver for class GuardantDongles Online Order Where to Buy Terms.

May be you can give me temporary lic for 2 devicies? Convenient means of distribution of protected applications on dongles with flash memory. Requires no change in protected software and works seamlessly. Vongle need activate support of JavaScript and Cookies in your browser. Guardant Sign is a leading edge dongle that protects software from illegal copying.


Dongle Drivers

Log in or register to post comments. Tell me pls, if server does not have internet – how to share usb device? Tools for protection of Java applications. Versatile cross-platform API, which allows use of all the features of the dongle.

Guardant Net II is a dnogle with the basic features for the protection of network software on Windows. Hardware platform bit Cortex-M3 microcontroller.

Who is Guardant Stealth II for?

May be i should bind smartcard AND this second device? A miniature form-factor of a Stealth II dongle. This dongle together with Guardant Automatic protection provides a cost-effective approach for Win32 and. Michael, i now try to do next. OMNIkey dongle wont work.

Guardant Anti-piracy Protection System

Server is physical server, Michael, not VM. OK found the bug, can you. How can i act with dongle to get any responses and sent it to you?

Allows you to automatically protect applications using WinAPI or. The durability and reliability of protection is directly dependent on whether the protection is properly designed and guadrant in the application.


AxxonNEXT – Guardant Dongle USB hardware protection key

Driver dowloaded and works! Connection 1 successfully removed reason: Pseudo-code and obfuscation of protection components.

Guardant Guardaant Net A modern dongle for efficient protection and licensing of software running in computer networks. May be add proxy settings or. NET applications so that the only computer where the dongle is plugged will run the protected application for this dongle.

All the memory has hardware protection against invasion analysis. Allows you to work without any additional drivers.

Hashing based on GSII A dongle for software licensing, protection, and distribution with Windows and Linux support.