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I should do this, too. I found its just as effective using the littel smokey and a lot easier to set up. That’s going to be pretty dirty, no? Its was a mid driver, not a high frequency driver. Just think what you got to look forward to when you get old. Login or Sign Up.

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You dont want a high frequency driver because they might have an alluminum element and just put out high frequency only and shread the element if you try to push the mids you need.

Check out some of my demo clips here: You just need overdrive voiced for guitar that sustains notes long enough to mime out the words and the amp acting as vocal cords. Attatch the tube to the driver, run it up your mic stand parallel to the mic. Then you drive the horn driver with an amp of your choice. I could repair the controlls, jacks and switches, but as far as the electronics, they were multilaterd boards with a tone of chips.

You need to exercise caution with the volume of the sound going into your mouth. My buddy used to have hofn of them and those suckers were always going out. Get yourself a good horn driver like jow JBL or older Altec that can handel the wattage ypou may want to drive it with and you’re in business.


Building a Talkbox | General Guitar Gadgets

Keep on mind, you are going to be putting all that horn power in taokbox mouth and it can rattel your teeth. So, all in all this is really not the best way to setup a talkbox, but it will work if you want a bare bones setup.

Help FAQs Go to top. Then I just switch the singnal on feeding the voice box amp and that sound comes through the PA. It’ll never see it’s full potential. I think that is brilliant. The one you linked is the honr one I’m looking to purchase, and it’s a w.

I found its just as effective using the littel smokey and a lot easier to set up. Just kidding of cource.

This is the trickiest part of the entire project. Do I need a 50w amp to drive hw, or should I stay on the low side? It’s not going to hurt anything pushing it with a 15 watt amp.

It will take a while to get used to talkin g with a tube in your mouth.

Talkbox Project

I couldnt even find a schematic for them, but once you get look under the hood you know why they cost so much. There you go then. I believe John told me that Heil uses an EV component for their driver.


Its not like you’re driving a regular guitar speaker and will be using alot of other effects or using it clean. I used right angle Switchcraft jacks for the patch cable so there are no protrusions from the back of the amp. Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website. How do I know these things? I’m looking at a Selenium Dx horn. What I would like to end up with is something that carries an internal amplifier, has an instrument and microphone input, and a single line output.

Its a bitch to haul to gigs though and set up. View the Media Kit. When the pedal was unplugged it would pass sound in the bypass mode and block it when turned on with no poer applied.

I hope wjth have some information posted on this project in the future.

So mine gets screwed on a ways and then secured with some attractive black duct tape.