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So even though the chipset and processor should theoretically be drawing more juice, the unit boasts an impressive six hour battery life on the cell, suggesting a three hour battery life on the stock 6-cell battery. This website uses cookies to improve user experience, provide social media features, and to pay referrers as described in the Cookie Policy. Display Assembly Components Wireless Antennae select Models Only This is a 2-Power branded product.

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Included HP media remote view large image.

Computer Major Components Recovering System Information The notebook arranges ports pretty smartly. My sister actually wound up having to call HP customer support when her wireless networking stopped picking up internet access. On the front is the wireless switch with a convenient blue light, infrared port for the remote, the mic jack, and the two headphone jacks.

Updating Reinstalled Software Recovering From The Recovery Discs I Agree Learn More. Using The Keypads The wireless connectivity works dv6560eoo much just like it ought to. HP has historically taken their notebook speakers pretty seriously, and the dvus is no exception.


HP Pavilion DV Battery (6 Cells)

The dvus is based on the HP dvt series, which is in turn a refresh of their existing dvt series. The lid itself does not close using conventional latches, but instead simply snaps shut, then snaps open, like a clamshell. The power jack lights up blue when plugged into the wall, very cool and a useful visual cue.

Using The Setup Utility Creating Recovery Discs The unit also includes a media remote and a pair of earbuds, and runs Windows Vista Home Dvv6560eo. She called them, and she sat on the phone with the guy for an hour and a half for something that wound up being paviilon very simple fix.

HP Pavilion dv6560us Review

Preparing The Computer For Disassembly The imprint finish is still gorgeous, the build is still solid, etc. Now, I said eventually, because she called HP customer support.

The dvus is a worthy addition to the dv family. While the keyboard is no ThinkPad keyboard, the textured plastic keys are comfortable to use, and the smooth touchpad exhibits exactly the right kind of sensitivity. Display Assembly Subcomponents Using Advanced Setup Utility Features Setup Utility In Windows Vista That said, for casual use, the OS does its job and supports full Aero Glass.


HP Pavilion dveo Laptop Battery

Performing A Recovery Reinstalling Software Programs And Drivers This is a 2-Power branded product. System Configuration Menu When To Create Restore Points The battery life was the big win here.

Wireless Antennae select Models Only