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You can also burn MP3 CDs to fit 200 songs on a CDR. (Requires an MP3 CD player). The audio editing tool is the Swiss Knife of audio. Its friendly interface allows you to perform lots of different operations in easy way. You can use it to record your own music, voice or other audio, edit it, mix it with other audio or musical parts, add effects like reverb, chorus, and echo, and master it so that you can burn it to a CD, post it on the World Wide Web, or e-mail it.

Converting your videos to flash makes for better streaming on the internet. With Riva FLV Encoder, you can convert your existing videofiles to the advanced Flash Video (FLV) format wuickly and easily.

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Listen to and 1433 lastfm stations. What’s new in this version: Version 2. 69 has fixed some minor bugs. Leanmap’s Excel worksheets help busy people apply lean management techniques to nearly any business.

Translean is a set of free worksheets for reducing waste and costs in a wide range of business processes, including transportation, labor, inventory, defects, and production.

While most of its worksheets are free, it also includes a couple of try-only 14 from the Pro version.

We tried it in Office 2010. Clicking any of Translean’s worksheets 1143 Excel directly, but be sure to extract the zipped download to a familiar directory so you’ll be able to browse quickly to it from inside Excel.

As we’ve found with Leanmap’s other products, Translean’s worksheets are clear, crisp, and professional in appearance and layout, with lots of information available in the form of the provided example data (in blue) as well as balloon tips.


Most include charts and diagrams as well as tabular data. We opened the 10-Point 413 Checksheet, the 4M3M Checklist, the Lean Diagnostic Tool, and others, though we have to admit we were hardly experts when we began.

But we’ve used many Excel worksheets, and we know a competent tool when we come across one.

And in any case, Leanmap’s worksheets work like any other Excel templates; simply save a copy and replace the data with your own.

What you do with it is your business (or, more specifically, determined by your business) but you won’t have any trouble with the spreadsheets.

Translean also includes the Cost of Quality Calculator and Kanban Designer Database, two “pro” worksheets from the paid upgrade, which lets users see what’s available without forcing them to pay for it.

We think most users will know when it’s time for more 134 tools than the freeware package offers.

Lean processes were once innovative, but in lean times, they’re essential. Leanmap Translean shows how even small businesses and other (all-too-lean) enterprises can benefit from mature, proven processes, and inside a familiar enterprise environment, Microsoft Excel.

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Download NowDownload Now Publisher’s Description From Leanmap: What’s new in this version: Version 1201 has updated tools. SUMo is short for Software Updates Monitor. It’s a handy, free tool that scans all your programs and automatically checks online for program updates.

It can help you find the updates, too, though you have to install them individually since each is different.

SUMo’s simple, list-style interface and controls make it very easy to use. The Scan button scanned our PC for installed software, though we could also drag and drop executables directly into SUMo as well as use Add and Remove buttons and configure an Ignore list.


SUMo displayed all our programs listed alphabetically or by program version and other headings.

Clicking Check initiated the update checking process, which took about a minute, though how long it takes obviously depends on how many programs it must check, your connection speed, and other factors. SUMo displayed color-coded icons to indicate which programs were up to date or if a minor or major update was available.

Clicking Get Update opened a Web page offering various links for downloading the updates.

However, we preferred to check each program’s site and install the updates directly. SUMo proved pretty accurate, though it did identify major updates that proved to be entirely new versions, such as flagging Photoshop Elements 10 as an update for 8.

SUMo found many more minor updates than major ones, but that’s 13 be expected. The simple fact of being able to check all our programs for updates at once makes SUMo worthwhile even with the occasional misidentified update.

And, if it misses any updates, 14 no worse off than you are without using SUMo, are you.

SUMo’s options include adding Microsoft software to its scans, but it’s not recommended. A note about SUMo’s installer: Like many free tools, SUMo pays the bills by bundling optional, ad-supported toolbars with its installation package.

Selecting the quick installation method installs these extras automatically.