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Remove From My Forums. Monday, October 15, 8: Simon u2-users mailing list [hidden email] To unsubscribe please visit http: I am working relatively smaller DBs and am looking for any cheap solution. Additional API encryption functionality is also available to allow custom solutions or meet specific regulatory requirements.

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The file dictionary may contain metadata to describe the contents or to output the contents of a file. Once I used a user ID that was 8 characters or less and a password that was 9 characters or lessmy connectivity issues were resolved. Send feedback Examples exchange Troubleshooting.

Tuesday, March 25, 7: That would yield you the best results. Using the SQL “use existing credentials” option never worked, but entering the login manually did.

Informix ODBC Driver Guide

Kevin King [hidden email] Date: Regards, Robert Original Message: Unidaa for IT Professionals. In reply to this post by Kevin King That’s right informis I also had a problem with a user that had a password with a symbol in it. So, at this point, you’re really in the wrong forum as this is no longer an SSIS issue. CentOS Linux x86, version 4. In reply to this post by Kevin King Could be.


Thus, if John Jones happened to get a second email address, the record may be updated to: Remove From My Forums. These record IDs are typically hashed so that data can be retrieved quickly and efficiently.

I’m currently working through this and if I find the answer I will follow-up with the solution. Simon u2-users mailing list [hidden email] To unsubscribe please visit http: Once I fixed that I worked fine. A third-party application framework, can be used to build such web interfaces.

Tuesday, October 13, 2: They also have a structured database query language RetrieVe and UniQuery used to select records for further processing and for ad hoc queries and reports.

System Properties Comparison Informix vs. UniData,UniVerse

I always use the System DSN. Each of these classes of VOC entries can also be created by a user. I don’t give up easy do I? Did you ever figure this out?

Fields may be broken down into values and even subvalues. Performance Tuning Progress DataDirect management of packet-based network communication provides unsurpassed packet transport, network round trips and data buffering optimization.


The user ID is currently 4 characters and the password is currently 7. What I’m ultimately needing is probably a 3rd party driver or a legitimate path to an IBM one Which version of the driver are you using?

U2 – Users – ODBC Difficulties

I don’t suppose you have a local UD database to test the connection with? September Learn how and when to remove this template message. Values are separated by value marks character xFD ; subvalues are separated by subvalue marks character xFC.

There were different drivers with the 6. Smart large objects These topics describe how to store, create, and access a smart large object; how to transfer smart-large-object data; how to retrieve the status of a smart large object; and how to read or write a smart large object to or from a file.