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If you order late on a Friday or any time on Saturday or Sunday, your item s will not ship until the next business day, which is Monday. Return shipment cost is the responsibility of the buyer. The unit has rubber feet to prevent slipping we have ours placed on top of the PC case. We had absolutely no problems hooking the DexDrive up. You can even send your Mario Kart ghost data to your friends and challenge them to a race. The manual has special instructions just for using their cards and from what little I used them they seemed to work fine.

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Next to fan sites offering game saves, InterAct is also offers a website featuring all the latest DexDrive files to download: Our support team is solely email-based and they respond to each email within 1 business day.

We all know how slow and crappy it is to delete files through the Controller Pak menus in N64 games. Should you erase the data and forever lose your custom team for FIFA 99?

NEW InterAct DexDrive Playstation 1 to PC Memory Card Game Save Transfer SV | eBay

The DexPlorer software makes this transaction a snap. Here is a list of paks InterAct tested for compatibility:.

The Newest Revolution in Gaming! They work very hard to get quality products to you quickly. Will it work with all Memory Paks?


For example — say you’ve saved a Turok 2 game. It’s more of a nitpick but it can be a little time consuming.

Even before any of the big game companies could release a modem attachment, peripheral maker InterAct has come up with a sweet peripheral that makes Controller Pak space problems history.

It is brand new in the original box! DexDrive is a brand of game console memory card readers that allowed data to be accessed by a PC. You interwct just finished designing the coolest Top Gear Rally car design ever.

MN sales tax does apply.

InterAct DexDrive PlayStation 1 to PC Memory Card Game Save Transfer Sv-1128

I ordered the product to transfer my ghosts from Crash Team Racing, and I was a little worried that the device would not work well with multi-block saves. You will receive the following: You plug in your Controller Pak and it tells you that there is not enough room available. Third party controller paks have a history of being unreliable and lose data.

However, if you want to have many individual PC files with only one save on them then you will have to make many copies and trim them down individually.

InterAct DexDrive PlayStation 1 to PC Memory Card Game Save Transfer Sv | eBay

Now that’s ease of use. Plug the serial connector into the back of your PC, and install the software two floppies are included, but you can also download the latest software from InterAct’s website. For local pick-ups, we accept cash or card.


dexdgive During the holiday season, we do ship most weekends. That’s right, you can put the. N64 or PlayStation owners with a PC are going to flip when they find out what they can do with this thing for the price of a game. Nintendo, license this thing. The DexPlorer full function software is easy to use, helping you copy, move, post, and email all of your game saves.

The functionality is the same. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This device revolutionizes gaming by allowing you to copy and store game saves from a PlayStation compatible memory card to the hard drive of your PC.

Interact DexDrive

N64 file onto a memory card instead of copying the entire contents, simply by dragging the icon over to an empty slot on the memory card.

Other companies, like Midway, and Acclaim have also expressed an interest in supporting the device. Tracking is uploaded automatically within 1 business day to dezdrive order details on eBay for you to view.