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Fixed AVR flashing bug from version 9. When software is minimized, you will notice status of current job: F, F, F99, other Fory: Added function for easier replacing of flash certificates. Available free space is now displayed before writing user files to the phone.

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MK, MK, other Gionee: G-Star, Mstar, other Sitronics: Please prefer using reading codes to direct unlocking when possible.

If phone is i. Fixed some issues with prototype CID36 phones. Minor changes in UI.

F, F, G, G, V, other oooooo: Fixed an issue with Sharp VSH phone type autodetection. From now on it is possible to download files from FS to special archive files in. Increased robustness of RSA configuration analysis code to prevent potential crashes on invalid flash content.

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Added Restore security for CID File-system functionality for brown CID36 phones reenabled. Open-flash-file dialog boxes accept. Direct Unlock, Read Codes and Repair for next models: Reflash the main firmware when using this function for brown CID Conversion to brown CID36 requires phone analysis performed.


Z built-in customizations list updated. Customize FS functionality slightly modified.

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N82, N97, other Nokla: Some built-in customizations were updated. Added full support for cross-CID flashing. Fixed one bug introduced in the previous version. Released Sharp VSH testmode flash files. All flasher modules were updated. It appeared to be almost impossible.

Added an option to write replacement unit customization. Added queue processing in loop mode you can add new jobs during calculation – The transaction bar have been a bit resized – Cyclone Box HW Rev B11x, C11x added – Models.

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Fixed an issue with unlocking some Siemens C62 phones. Added Save security for CID Added Remove RSA unlock traces function.

A W testpoint picture added to the help file. Added function Repair certificate to simplify phone revival on flash failure.

But henceforth j3300 can repair 4 locks closed or any other software-related problem. Fixed Sharp 3G flashing bug from version 9. Added experimental support for booting, flashing and cloning Hedvig prototypes. Help file completely reorganized. Samsung Z, ZB Reader.