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You’ll see 4 inline filled-in solder holes near the AGP card slot. This article pretty much summed up what was reported back when the SiS was first released. Check out the http: For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. Everything runs very smooth. The offfer expires end of September though.

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I hope I did not miss anything in the list above. NForce abit might be nice soon or get the Asus. There is a bug when powering down with the case front panel power button mentioned in the thread but it’s not major. It’s just not stable and should have never been released without fixing these issues.

ECS K7S5A motherboard has a free Audio AUX input – AVS Forum | Home Theater Discussions And Reviews

Sign in with Google. My question is, why would I want to solder out this audio connection? Please read the notes carefully before updating BIOS. I’ve had no patch to install to make the board work.


So if you do not want to have trouble, look for another SiS platform. The features you pointed out made me choose it. Call me lucky or what ever but this doent include my friends computers who’s also run flawlessly. Maybe they are some KTA boards that are better than my abit.


C-Media AC97 (ECS K7S5A V3.1)

Boards that are either available or soon will be with the SiS Pics of my HT and equipment list. I do not plant to use any of the above hardware with the exception of the IDE drive. They were all headaches that I do not wish to inflict upon myself again Adjust timing for stability and compatibility 2.

Found 7 files for windows xp, windowswindows 98, windows me, windows 95, windows nt. The downside is the BIOS does not allow manual configuration of the Interrupts sometimes required in very full systems and no overclocking features to speak of.

Just remember that not everyone is as lucky as you, these boards are not consistently made and some will not work out of the box. Hello, there is a weird problem on k7s5a motherboard from ecs. Problems with integrated k7d5a on the ecs k7s5a pro. The chipset manufacturer also tend to be more consistent across their product lines.

It has a built-in M Lan, Sound card and game port, plus the usual complement of 2 serial and 1 parallel port. I’ve had 3 of these boards, and all of them have had major problems with stability, booting, powersupply requirements, etc.

Ecs audoi sound problem motherboards toms hardware.


I’ve used Asus; they’re good but not worth the premium you pay for their boards. It is near the rear of the motherboard and is labeled AUX. QUOTE’] yeah sure so the system I build a year ago last summer shouldn’t aidio running w2k according to you, sound like a bull to me.

In supporting games this will give you general midi and mt32 emulation. Problem when upgrading to DDR This is truly weird!

Placa Mãe Ecs K7s5a-pro Ver. Socket Usada – R$ 45,00 em Mercado Livre

Zero failures after 12 or 18 months. I think this board works well and has good value for the price. Ecs motherboard, notebook, tablet pc, system, ipc, liva mini pc. This motherboard is more stable then my Abit BH6 ever was and thats alot audik say for it, bec that motherboard was king for a long time.

In-fact heres a quote from Tomshardware. What I meant here is that there is some distance between, “it will not work” to Windows will make some of your hardware share IRQs.