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However, the SMP kernel can’t seem to find the disk drive. What about the SCSI drivers? Test whether link is online. The hook must finalize hardware shutdown, release DMA and other resources, etc. If the return value of the callback is not zero. In the following sections, two recovery actions – reset and reconfiguring transport – are mentioned.

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One more thing to consider when resetting devices is that resetting clears certain configuration parameters and they need to be set llibata their previous or newly adjusted values after reset.

Originally Posted by Keruskerfuerst. Having multiple code paths to gather information, enter EH and trigger actions makes life painful. DVD access fails with kernel 2.

Force cable type according to libata.

This function is called when user explicitly requests bus scan. Too weak error recovery.

libATA Developer’s Guide — The Linux Kernel documentation

Swapping of the Ultrabay Slim Battery works out-of-the box. I would say I hope so but I’m not so sure about that Timeout and error conditions are reported via return value.


This should be handled as described in ATA bus error. Master ATA bus probing function.

Sign up using Email and Password. On some hardware, reading the Status register has the side effect of clearing the interrupt condition. Analyze taskfile of qc and further determine cause of failure. The problem with not using apic during normal operations is that you might have problems with power management, please see article on Software Suspend 2.

libATA Developer’s Guide

This function is an EH helper. Click Here to receive this Complete Guide absolutely free. This function is called if a partition on sdev extends beyond the end of the device. See Reconfigure transport for more information. This is problematic for advanced error handling for the following reasons. This function examines error ring of dev and determines whether NCQ needs to be turned off, transfer speed should be stepped down, or falling back to PIO is necessary.

libata (SATA) driver update

No recovery action is taken after a command times out. Want to know if that peripheral is compatible with Linux? For the purpose of discussion, a controller which uses taskfile interface and all standard callbacks is libqta. Data corruption or other failures during transmission over PCI or other system bus.


Indicate to the mid and upper layers that an ATA command should be retried.

New USB device strings: Sometimes I can get the computer to boot using the recovery mode entry from the GRUB boot menu; however, that’s not a guarantee as sometimes the computer is frozen when libara that path too. For certain Seagate devices, we must limit the maximum sectors to under 8K. So you need at least: Returns list of inquiry VPD pages available.

Return matching xfer mode for cycle. Used by various controllers for chip configuration. No qc is involved in processing a simulated scmd. Timeouts can also be caused by transmission errors.