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Still, thanks for looking at this Colin. There are no projects registered in Launchpad that are a potential match for this source package. Unfortunately it seems this bug is still an issue. The external releases are only for older kernel versions and all the future development will be in the main kernel tree. The driver supports a so called Host AP mode, i. In the options file in modprobe. Manoj Iyer manjo wrote on

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XX Oct 13 The Precise Pangolin supported. I have on orinoco usb card which I use most of the time. Channel setting out of range 3!

prism2 usb

Sat Jan 12 Nominated for Intrepid by Joe Clifford. Prksm2 after the upgrade and a reboot, I lost my orinoco controled Wifi device.

Also, iwconfig seems to add a strange ‘other’ character to my wireless card’s registered ESSID though this does not cause any problems:. I then rebooted with the card inserted and it works properly; I can log in to Gnome and the wireless card works well. Using the latest version of the tools is recommended. Caroline Ford secretlondon wrote on Some quick googling revealed: Sitsofe Wheeler sitsofe wrote on I am experiencing the same problems in an up-to-date edgy.


There are no projects registered in Launchpad that are a potential match for this source package. Booting into single mode shows me this just after the kernel registers the hostap driver: It seems that during boot prisk2 ifrename is tried invoked, but it fails.

Timo Aaltonen tjaalton wrote on Changed in linux Ubuntu: This does not require any special firmware for the wireless LAN card.

See bug ptism2 another related bug about the prism2 driver blocking the hostap driver. Quieten some more messages. My card details are similar to Pascal’s above: It would be helpful to have this fixed upstream so that users of this card have the advantage of being able to use hostap drivers and the prism2 wireless access point facility.

linux-wlan-ng – Debian Wiki

I’m not entirely sure what’s going on here, but it might be an edgy-updates candidate; Ben, please change if appropriate. You need to log in to change this bug’s status.

You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. I would just like to add that I also tried the kernel in edgy I used the generic one in my previous post and the same problem exists.


To post a comment you must log in. How can i help? Have re-opened this bug to reflect that it still affects kernel 2.

To run Prism2 PCMCIA, PCI cards on Linux

The original report was filed more than 3 years ago not by me though I had a vested interest and I for one have moved on and am now using more modern hardware and so I am unable to test the original set up with the most up to date distribution. I then removed all pcmcia related modules, inserted the wireless card and modprobe’d each pcmcia related module in turn to determine llnux was causing problems.

Surely after such a length of time the launchpad janitor should be closing these old bugs due to dis-interest?

I’ll check those other bugs, thanks.