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Since the targets of these cancer vaccines were are also found on normal cells, they were regarded as ‘self’, which caused the immune system to prohibit destruction of the cancerous cells. We intend to use the net proceeds from this offering, together with our existing cash, cash equivalents and marketable securities, to fund the ongoing clinical development of NEO-PV, the development of our preclinical programs, including NEO-PTC and NEO-SV, and for working capital and other general corporate purposes. Further, to the extent that we raise additional capital through the sale of common stock or securities convertible or exchangeable into common stock, your ownership interest will be diluted. Even if we obtain regulatory approval for any of our product candidates, there is no assurance that either we or our CMOs will be able to manufacture the approved product to specifications and under required good manufacturing practices acceptable to the FDA or other regulatory authorities, to produce it in sufficient quantities to meet the requirements for the potential launch of the product, or to meet potential future demand. At Neon, we believe that our achievements to date are a testament to the quality of our people, who will be critical to our ongoing success. In addition, clinical trials can be delayed or terminated for a variety of reasons, including delays or failures related to: The occurrence of any of these risks could result in our own products, if approved, being removed from the market or being less successful commercially.

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If lv cannot successfully defend ourselves against product liability claims or state consumer protection claims, we may incur substantial liabilities or be required to limit commercialization of our product candidates.


Risks Associated with Our Business. As a result, our ability to develop product candidates may be significantly impacted, which could have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition, prospects and results of operations.

Later discovery of previously unknown problems with our product candidates, including adverse events of unanticipated severity or frequency, or with our third-party manufacturers or manufacturing processes, or failure to comply with regulatory requirements, may result in revisions to the approved labeling to add new safety information; imposition of post-market studies or clinical trials to assess new safety risks; or. Our most advanced product candidates are uniquely manufactured for each patient and we may encounter difficulties in production, particularly with respect to scaling our manufacturing capabilities.

As a result of these complexities, the cost to manufacture our product candidates is generally higher than traditional small molecule chemical compounds, and the manufacturing process is less reliable and is more difficult to reproduce.


Regulatory authorities in jurisdictions outside of the United States have requirements for approval of product candidates with which we must comply prior to marketing our product candidates in those jurisdictions. Epub Nov The manufacturing process used to produce our product candidates is complex and novel and has not been validated for clinical or commercial production.

Our product development costs will increase if we experience delays in conducting clinical testing or receiving marketing approvals. Tech Support Guy is completely ,d — paid for by advertisers and donations. Our monthly spending levels will vary based on new and ongoing development and corporate activities.

We also face competition in our search for third parties to assist us with the sales and marketing efforts of our product candidates. You should read the following summary of consolidated financial data together with the section captioned “Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Pc of Operations” and our consolidated financial statements and the related notes appearing at the end of this prospectus.

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We expect to continue to incur significant losses for the foreseeable future, and we expect these losses to increase as we continue our research and development of, and seek regulatory approvals for, our product candidates. If we lose key management personnel, or if we fail to recruit additional highly skilled personnel, jd ability mmd identify and develop new or next generation product candidates will be impaired, could result in loss of markets or market share and could make us less competitive.

We may have to pay any amounts awarded by a court or negotiated in a settlement that exceed mr coverage limitations or that are not covered by our insurance, and we may not have, or be able to obtain, sufficient capital to pay those amounts.

However, even in these tumor types, the majority of patients do not respond to treatment.

We will require additional capital to fund our operations and, if we fail to obtain necessary financing, we will not be able to complete the development and commercialization of our product candidates. Accordingly, the regulatory approval pathway for our product candidates may be uncertain, complex, expensive and lengthy, and we may never obtain regulatory approval for our ,d candidates.

New gpu causes fixed resolution

If we are unable to obtain sufficient funding, we could be forced to delay, reduce or eliminate all of our research and development programs, product portfolio expansion or commercialization efforts, and our financial condition and results of operations will be materially and adversely affected and we may be unable to continue as a going concern.

Key elements of our strategy include: We cannot be certain of the timely completion or outcomes of our preclinical testing and studies and cannot predict if the FDA or other regulatory authorities will accept our proposed clinical programs or if the outcomes of our preclinical testing and studies will ultimately support the further development of our programs.


My brother has now installed windows 8 to try and cure the problem, but even on windows 8 installing the ATI drivers causes the screen to have a fixed resolution. A BLA must include extensive nonclinical and clinical data and supporting information to establish that the product candidate is safe, pure and potent for each desired indication. These laws may impact, among other things, our current activities with principal investigators and research patients, as well as proposed and future sales, marketing and education programs.

Further, new studies may change the estimated incidence or prevalence of these cancers. The success of our product candidates, if approved, depends on the availability of adequate coverage and reimbursement from third-party payors.

Because the length of time and activities associated with development of our product candidates is highly uncertain, we are unable to estimate the actual funds we will require for development and any approved marketing and commercialization activities. We expect to continue to spend substantial amounts to conduct further research and development and preclinical or nonclinical testing and studies and clinical trials of our current and future programs, to seek regulatory approvals for our product candidates and to launch and commercialize any products for which we receive regulatory approval, including potentially building our own commercial organization.

This platform comprises three key elements: In some cases, the price that we intend to charge for our products is also subject to regulatory approval.

There can be no assurance that we will be able to manage our existing independent organizations, advisors, contractors or consultants or find other competent resources on economically reasonable terms, or at all. Moreover, increasing efforts by governmental and third-party payors in the United States and abroad to cap or reduce healthcare costs may cause public and private payor organizations to limit both coverage and the level of reimbursement for newly approved products and, as a result, they may not cover or provide adequate payment for our product candidates.

NEO-PV, our personal neoantigen vaccine, is custom-designed and manufactured based on the unique mutational fingerprint of each individual patient. Specifically, there have been several recent U. The users were asked the following question: