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Here’s how you would do that:. Scribus is designed for flexible layout and typesetting, and for professional quality equipment, and a detailed published manual is available. To rotate the widget in any direction, left-click the arrow symbol in the frame And keep the mouse button pressed while moving your cursor in a circle across the desktop. Of course, the problem can be easily solved by adding an entry to the fstab tree, changing ownership of the device and whatnot, but what about the casual user who is not familiar with the command line? Having a problem logging in? There is also a very creative screensaver known as Xscreensaver , available through the repo. Open a terminal, become root, and simply enter:.

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Unlike the cloning tools listed above, dd copies the hard disk or partition on a sector by sector basis, so everything is copied, including unused sectors.

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It is important to understand the difference between referring to an entire device such as sda and a partition on the device such as sda1. To make it more convenient, you can mount it to another location.

For more info and customization options, follow the Wiki link at the end of this section. Virtual machine applications are a class of programs that simulate a “virtual computer” in memory, allowing you to install any operating system on the machine. Just follow Step 2 above.


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The root user has a unique password that is set during system installation. Click Finish, and you will be prompted as to whether or not you want to reboot.

To switch quickly between the activities: You can wirelrss the interactive interpreter by typing python at the console.

A system can be booted into any of several runlevels, each of which is represented by a single digit integer. If you’d like to contribute content, let us know.

Here are some of the most common codes used:. Internet FAX price comparison: If you intended to correct an error in the post then please contact us. Detected an Intel i Chipset.

Here, the Linux kernel exists. You can mitigate these risks by taking the following steps on wirelesa Windows installation consult your online Windows help F1 if you are unsure how to perform any of these tasks:.

For a complete reference, see the Links and Guides section. You can determine the primary soundcard by adjusting its priority with the “Defer” button. Could you post the output of the terminal command: If in the future you need to reinstall, you’ll just have to paste the names of the files into an apt-get install command. It has already been done! Be careful when testing betas on your production systems or better, don’t.

The default file permissions structure in Linux is fairly simple, but mepsi than adequate for most situations. The permissions you grant to others affect everyone who isn’t the owner or in the owning group.


Software whose source code has been made available to the public under a license that allows individuals to modify and redistribute the source code.

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Input devices such as a keyboard or mouse will usually be picked up automatically as soon as you plug the receiver into the computer, and you should be able to just start using the device. Having a problem logging in? Plasma also provides many standardized mepks such as artwork, presentation and script management. You will be prompted to confirm the formatting of each partition or the entire disk.

MEPIS 11.0.12 Users Manual

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Windows Get the free version of the Windows application IsoBuster from the link below.