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Another way, after installing the old driver, is by disabling the automatic update of the device Configuration Panel , and you should be able to start the machine and plug your device after. It can operate blind or in a command line window with command line options to specify the com port number and the user sharing ID code. The message formats include weather reports, water level and water flow reports, lock sequence messages and other interesting data. Display List of Vendors. Display Vendors by Map.

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The executable file was compiled with static linking and no library requirements. Right click mirrorgow this link and select “Save Target As”. If you have an earlier version, Richard has released an update file which which adds the display of meteorological information from Mitrorbow base stations. He was only 45, he’d stared getting bad headaches docs thought it was blood pressure. Posted by Mark Wickens at This is really the secret to successful AIS decoding. The file size is around 3 Mb.

You can download DSCdecoder from www.

Lakeland Developer: Java/Swing Mirrorbow Remote Control Program

How do you eradicate a termite Please spread the word. Good for Opencpn community that the original concept from Radargadgets was developed further, i like it.


To get the best out of ShipPlotter you need charts on which to plot the traffic that you receive. However I’m always interested in new data acquisition projects so if you have a good idea for one.

Is my AIS transmitting? EpirbPlotter can decode these messages, including the messages transmitted when the Test function is activated. There are considerable variations in the legislation concerning radio reception in the different administrations around the world. Our Marine websites focus on Cruising and Sailing Vessels, including forums and the largest cruising Wiki project on the web today.

The AIS system faithfully reported all the ship, tug, and ferry traffic and since it was a clear day, it was easy to relate the display to the real world.

This let me use it under both Windows and Linux. In fact, a tug was returning from berthing a ship and as I approached Oakland outer harbor from the opposite side of the container pier, I noticed the tug being plotted on ShipPlotter on the other side. New Hydraulic installation issue. About Me Mark Wickens Windermere, Cumbria, United Kingdom During the day I’m a Web Developer for a financial services company, and when I’m not being a dedicated family man I’m exploring a variety of new-tech, retro-tech and close to the mirrobrow tech.

Linus started by measuring the internal resistance of some NiMH cells, to find the duds. A collection of notes about things that interest me, projects I’m working on and about being a developer. It is specifically forbidden to use ShipPlotter for any illegal purpose whatsoever.


View my complete profile. The following list of dedicated AIS receivers is by no means exhaustive. It is the replacement exe. Find great deals on boat motors and accessories in your area. I noted a while back that the Lijux and Alpha both drew significant power from the mains even when mirrorbwo power supply switch was turned off.

Privacy Guaranteed – your email is never shared with anyone, opt out liunx time. To display large charts, you may also find that you require a surprising amount of memory.

The image on the right shows it inside the small box I made to protect it. Display List of Vendors.

The Mirrorbow USB25IO

Newer Post Older Post Home. For a landbased tightbudget Shipspotting station a linyx single channel Receiver would be ok for me. The receiver output should be taken from a discriminator tap with low phase and amplitude distortion.