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And they run the online version with ads to pay MS to sign the drivers. Jun 26, 5, 0 0. There are an offline version op. Tmdean Banned Jan 26, You might not see the “.

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This isn’t an annoyance for everything, but for games like Just Cause 2 in Multiplayer, I can end up going in a completely different direction flying than I was originally was.

Emitan Member Jan 26, KePoW Banned Jan 26, Pie and Beans Look for me on the local news, Laod be the guy arrested for trying to burn down a Nintendo exec’s house. The controller 1 light was steadily blinking on it.

Using Sixaxis on your PC? Stay away from MotionInJoy

Got a subreddit you want to see here? I had a Kinzu out of morbid curiosity, I fucking love the body, the simplicity is great. Hey, sorry about asking this so late into the post but I see the PS3 indication in the systray, but nothing motionjooy working.


Then plug your controller in. Have been waiting for alternatives, but haven’t heard of many.

Using Sixaxis on your PC? Stay away from MotionInJoy | NeoGAF

Pie and Beans said: I want ,otionjoy blame the OP for essentially jinxing me, but eh. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.

I wish I hadn’t. I’m surprised no one has created an alternative On one of the earlier versions I ran into some issues with not being able to unload the drivers for my bluetooth adapter so I could use my wiimote again, but that works fine now too using the remove all function.

Diebuster Member Jan 26, But no one in the vast sea of video game enthusiasts has anyone taken the time to write a device driver for the controller of one of the world’s most popular game systems.

Haven’t had any problems with it, no ads, popups, whatever.

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Having the same problem. I really really like the Cyborg Rat series, it looks like a transformers sex toy but it’s fucking built to last and totally reliable.


Want to add to the discussion? I never noticed any issues, not even ads. I haven’t seen any ads though.

Apr 7, 2, 0 0 www. PS3 comments other loae 5. Ghazi Member Jan 26, It works as a Windows service too, so there’s no GUI whatsoever involved once you configure it. Remove network connectivity and run scans in safe mode. Also, never really run into any issues with it.

Just follow the above instructions. Thank you so much for making us aware of this. Period, unless you’d like to reinstall your OS that is. I tried running motioninjoy on my laptop, but I didn’t get a white screen, it actually mootionjoy motioninjoy.

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