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This feature adapts the pick up of overcurrent elements to override the higher overload currents resulting from re-energization of feeder after a long period of time. In the drawout case design the simplifies installation and improves site safety as the need to open switchgear doors or rewire the device after testing is eliminated. The can be used with reducing collars when the depth of LV compartment is limited. It also allows detection of back feed of fault current from feeders with motors. This continuous monitoring and early detection of possible issues helps improve system availability by employing predictive maintenance. Additionally, the device provides essential feeder control features such as cold load pick up blocking, 2nd harmonic blocking, breaker failure, synchrocheck and autoreclose.

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The basic concept of both protocols, PRP and HSR, is to send identical frames over different paths and discard one of the copies in reception, at best.

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Reduced Life Cycle Cost The is designed to reduce total installation and life cycle cost for feeder protection. This element verifies that voltages at both sides of the breaker are within the magnitude, angle and frequency limits set by the user before closing the breaker, in order to minimize internal damage that could occur due to the voltage difference, both in magnitude and angle.

About Grid Solutions GE’s Grid Solutions business serves customers globally with over 17, employees in approximately 80 countries. Timed Overcurrent Phase, Ground, Neutral The has three-phase TOC elements which enable coordination with upstream and downstream protection devices such as fuses, overload relays, etc to maximize fault selectivity and minimize interruptions and downtime. This cost-effective relay also offers enhanced features such as diagnostics, preventative maintenance, arc flash mitigation and security.


The draw-out construction of the device reduces downtime during maintenance and decreases extra wiring needed for relay testing and commissioning.

Enhanced Diagnostics Preventative Maintenance The allows users to track relay exposure to extreme environmental conditions by monitoring and alarming at high ambient temperatures. Frequency Protection The offers overfrequency and underfrequency elements to improve network grid stability using voltage or frequency based load shedding techniques. Retrofit is smooth and simplified with minor wiring or switchgear modifications.

Multiple records can be stored in the relay at any given time with a maximum length of cycles Oscillography is triggered hsb by internal signals or an external contact. Co-existing forward and reverse Polarizing: This continuous monitoring and early detection of possible issues helps improve system availability by employing predictive maintenance.

This cost-effective protective device is used to perform advanced feeder protection, control and monitoring for low, medium and high voltage applications.

Link Loss Alert LLA function detects any issue with one port and switch to the other one in case of failure. Block inputs per element: It also allows easy retrofit into existing S1 and S2 cutouts with adapter plates. Autoreclose Reclose can be initiated externally or from an overcurrent protection. These pre-formatted reports can be used to help ensure device and protection system integrity and perform forensic auditing of activities and changes for compliance.

The withdrawable feature also eliminates the need to open the switch gear door and disconnect communication cables, eg.

The LED indications are color coded to indicate the type of event. The EnerVista Viewpoint maintenance tool allows users to review and analyze the time period a relay is exposed to certain temperature ranges.

GE Multilin 350 Industrial Feeder Protection System Controller Control Panel

Both ports are capable of simultaneously supporting the following protocols: Also available with the is a rear communication port with Ethernet Fiber and Copper. The can be used to monitor the integrity of both the breaker trip and closing coils and circuits. Neutral Directional The Neutral Directional element is used to discriminate between faults that occur in the forward 3550, and faults that occur in the reverse direction.


Retrofit Existing Multilin MII Family Devices Traditionally, retrofitting or upgrading an existing relay has been a challenging and time consuming task often requiring re-engineering, panel modifications and re-wiring. Cold Load Pick Up Cold Load Pick up allows automatic or manual blocking or raising of trip settings for a period after the breaker has been closed.

Multilin Relay

The can be used with reducing collars when the depth of LV compartment is limited. The relay is a member of the 3 Series family of Multilin relays. Pickup and dropout timers are available for delaying the logic element operation and reset respectively. Effortless Multliin The small and compact enables multiple relays to be mounted side by side on medium voltage panels.

EnerVista Software The EnerVista suite is an industry leading set of software programs that simplifies every aspect of using the relay. Typically 10 cycles 0. Once the information is entered, the simplified setup will generate a settings file, provide documentation indicating which settings are enabled, and an explanation of the parameters entered.